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6:00 on this monday morning, july 19. thanks for joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman into the mcelway. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we will stocks with lisa baden in a moment. we start with adam caskey. >> typical july whether. this is the hottest. all year in washington. it's not going to be over 100 degrees like it was in june. on average, we will be in the lotus mid 90's for the most part this week with a chance of late day storms as well. top-level energy circulating over this. mainly cloudy right now, leftover from thunderstorms last night. there are thunderstorms in west virginia, to this shenandoah valley. you will get sprinkles in cumberland and romney this
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morning. limited sunshine otherwise, 93 this afternoon. isolated shatterto scattered shs and thunderstorms every evening this week. 270 southbound has been stopped because of the crash before 80 urbana. they moved the vehicles often one-sided the road with one lane getting through. this is going to be tough leaving 70 to get to 80. if you take 355, you'll be a lot happier. 66 looks good and virginia. 95, the left side of your screen is northbound of newington toward the beltway. that is running nicely. metrorail is on normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. the thunderstorms that moved through last night left thousands of people without power across the region. crews are working right now to get the lights baton.
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bge is reporting just over 7200 outages in maryland. if pepco is reporting nearly 2100 in d.c., prince george's, and montgomery counties. dominion is reporting nearly 700 in northern virginia. wheaton and our top story, a traffic alert for people driving into the district. phase three of the 14th street bridge rehab project is underway. that means a new traffic pattern for the 200,000 drivers crossing it on a daily basis. brianne carter is live in arlington with what you can expect. on this expect good morning. >> good morning. the middle lane is shut down for the rehabilitation work. plenty of signs out here directing traffic on either side of that closure. we are starting to see more volume and low back up, something we expect all morning. -- and a little backup. on the 14th street bridge, the
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monday morning commute could come with some trouble. >> in the morning there's a point in time where nothing moves. >> they're beginning work on the third phase of the rehabilitation project in the middle lanes and half of the lens of the bridge. >> it is planned to be backed up. >> get into the r two lanes as soon as possible to avoid the madness. people continuing oon to 395 north, get to the right lane quickly and carefully. or you can avoid this route altogether or use another form of transportation. >> it is crazy. >> this is phase three. there are eight in all. crews will monitor this and tried to get a traffic through as quickly as possible. the entire project is not expected to be completed until fall of 2011. brianne carter reporting. the ntsb has nude pictures
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of metrorail cars that were damaged in a crash after the two trains collided in the west falls church railyards in late november. a moving train hit the back of a parked train. there were no passengers. three workers sustained minor injuries. we reported on the crash that day but were not allowed access to the rail yard. the people begin testing new ways to pay for parking. page iphone readers will be tested on independence avenue in southwest. foggy bottom on reservoir road. in georgetown and around nationals park as well. paid by space meters will be tested in the friendship heights area. paid by license plates areas will be tested in the 1300 block of u street in northwest. day 91 of the oil disaster in the gulf, the government says more testing will be conducted on the well, but now there is
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disagreement about how to proceed and are concerned about a new possible leak. analysts and it has more. >> good morning. there are new concerns about a leak discovered near the broken oil well, which raises questions as to whether the oral cil cap should be reopened. there are positive signs that no oil leaking from the cap. bp says there is no target date to open back up. but that balance is there's an unidentified leake close to the oil well. it could be methane gas. scientists have been worried about this. if the gun it wants to reopen the cap and siphoning oil to
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the surface. they will test this one day at a time. bp has spent just under $4 million in the response to the oil spill. $270 million of that has been paid in claims to people making emergency claims, victims of the oil spill. pamela schmidt reporting from northwest. back to you. >> thank you. 6:06. the heat wave is taking its toll especially on people having to work outside. firefighters in d.c. have responded to an extra 100-150 service calls a day, most of them do to bolster its of hot and humid weather. you should drink a lot of water. if you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, take extra precautions. we are in for another hot day. already feels like a long, hot summer. this june was the warmest june
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on record worldwide. in the d.c. area and the temperature is were six degrees above normal last month. so far this year we have had 45 days of temperatures of 90 degrees or greater. trinity battleground maryland, gov. martin o'malley's bielenson campaign will get a big boost tonight. vice-president joe biden will appear with o'malley at a fundraiser in baltimore. o'malley is expecting to face former republican gov. bob ehrlich this fall. vice-president as a bold prediction about the outcome of this fall's midterm election. >> i think they will shock the heck out of everybody. we are going to win the house and the senate. >> that contradicts white house press secretary robert gibbs, losing last week democrats could lose control of the house. polls show voters don't have much confidence in congressional democrats. republicans say they will be in the 40 seats needed to take
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control of the house. a split may be forming in the tea party movement. the national tea party federation says it has expelled conservative commentator mark williams. he wrote of the original letter called "color people -- colored people," written to president abraham lincoln. he said it was meant to spur an honest debate on race. new details about the wild night after university of maryland basketball game. we will tell you who is at the center of that investigation. some service changes take effect for the vre e.
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we are live at 6:11 on this monday. tropical air in place all week. get used to it. in some spots it could be the warmest all year in washington. the heat index will be near 100. 93 degrees this afternoon. there are a few thunderstorms in west virginia pushing toward the shenandoah valley. most of that should break apart. there are few showers to the midwest. mainly cloudy skies today. we will continue to see breaks in the clouds throughout the day. 75 in herndon, glen burnie, 76.
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the bethesda and sterling, 72. scattered thunderstorms anticipated this afternoon and evening. > 6:12 on this monday, texaco will be in your favor except on 270 southbound out of frederick. there's a crash before 80, urbana,, only one lane getting through. bowie, newschopper 7 looking at 50 traffic close to 3, 301, and 197. 395 north bound in the camera, the 14th street bridge, lanes divided to the left and the right. back to you. >> thank you. important news for virginia railway express passengers, vre says some trains are being removed from the manassas and
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frederick klein's because they did not have enough passengers. vre is adding a new express train on the fredericksburg line beginning today. coming up on supply 13 on this monday, 75 degrees. the government under fire for how it handled the auto industry takeover. details. -- we will have details. courtney robinson live in college park, and cobin to the university of maryland beating, prosecutors want to know its supervisors played a role in this. dozens are killed in india after two pact to
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comeback. the third phase of the 14th street bridge rehab project has
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begun. the center lane is closed. drivers headed to the 14th street will need to get into the two left lanes. if continuing on 395 and d.c. will need to stay to the right. you may want to find alternative routes. the dispute is brewing between bp and the administration. the company wants the oil well to stay closed, but the government wants to pump the oil to ships on the surface because the oilwell could be leaking. officials are concerned about a possible methane gas leak as well. 56 people were killed when two trains collided in eastern india. an express train collided with a passenger train. its went on to an overpass. it may have been the result of foul play. new details from the police brutality investigation at the university of maryland. the washington post this morning reports that investigators have turned their attention to top commanders inside the prince
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george's county police force. courtney robinson is live in college park with the latest on that. >> they want to know if the top commanders tried to cover up the beating of a university of maryland student. it happened right here on knox road behind me on march 3. that is when maryland defeated duke and many were celebrating that evening. we have a video of the beating that you for assault on abc 7. 21-year-old student john mckenna was skipping down the street and was approached by officers on horses. he was slammed into a wall and beaten with a baton. he suffered a concussion, bruises, and other injuries. his attorney says it is police brutality. four riot officers involved in this remain on paid leave. there were other officers out in
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college park to maintain control following the victory. they're looking through e-mails, cell phone, and text messages to see of supervisors gave orders for the beating or if they tried to cover it up. the state's attorney's office is in charge of this investigation along with the internal affairs bureau with the department, the fbi is also reviewing the case. reporting from college park, courtney robinson. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we begin with lisa baden. how does it look for monday? >> '95 looks fine, the baltimore washington parkway. newschopper 7 is looking at 50 traffic at i-495. heading into cheverly, no problems. that is lives. as far as traffic on the virginia side, it in good shape.
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95 virginia live in this geico camera, the right side is southbound looking good richmond. if the left side is northbound. typical delays out of dale city. now to adam caskey. that is a gorgeous sunrise. you can see the island on the horizon there. a beautiful sunrise. there are some breaks in the clouds especially farther east of the metro area. it is mostly cloudy. leftover sprinkles have just let up in some locations. first, the rainfall totals, in herndon that was the place to be, 1.36 inches from the severe thunderstorms yesterday. glen burnie, 1.19. potomac, three-quarters of an inch. silver spring, half an inch. it is 71 degrees in leesburg. 74 and winchester -- 71 in
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winchester. there's a broken line of dissipating thundershowers, mainly downpours, a few light showers right now, stretching from garrett county will begin to elkins all the way into southwestern west virginia. that will continue to slide to the east. it will lose its strength as it moves east. let's go to the forecast. the average high temperature is 89. we will reach 93 with limited sunshine. breaks in the clouds periodically. that will give us a chance of scattered to isolated thunderstorms later today. the same story every day this week, highs in the mid-90s. we cannot allow severe weather. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like 101 today. inception gets a dreamy reception. and the government may have done
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more damage than good for the auto industry. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> we begin your "money scope report." a survey of economists released this morning finds the recover continued during the second half, but the pace of growth will slow. workers added businesses last quarter at the highest level in three years. 39% of companies expect to hire more workers over the next six months. a government watchdog is criticizing the way the obama administration handled the automobile bailout. the treasury department failed to consider the economic fallout and job losses in forcing gm and chrysler to close many of their dealerships, it says. the treasury says its actions saved hundreds of thousands of jobs. ford is hoping people will purchase a big suv with better fuel economy. the auto maker will unveil a revamped for explorer later this
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month that will give 20% better gas mileage. sales of suv's in the breaks since gas prices soared a few years ago. the 787 dreamliner has finally made its international debut. the fuel-efficient jet landed in england on sunday for the annual air show. it is the first passenger plane largely built from lightweight and environmentally friendly material. it is two years behind schedule but boeing hopes to deliver a depressed one by the end of this year. leonardo dicaprio had a good opening for his latest movie. "in section "opened in first place taking $60 million in ticket sales. a person gets into people's dreams and steal their secrets. "despicable me" slipped to second place. the sorcerer's apprentice opened in third place. paris chelsea clinton getting married? we have a sneak peek at a possible place, later today on "good morning america."
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6:21 on this monday morning, 76 degrees. a ground-breaking aids study pinpoints who may be most at risk for infection. today on "oprah," dr. oz and oprah want to save your life, america's silent killer, diabetes, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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6:24. a large study suggests a higher rate of childhood cancers among test-tube babies. the reason probably has nothing to do with how the infants were conceived. it is likely related to the genetics of the parents then turning to in vitro fertility because they cannot conceive. >> a study by the cdc in says hiv and aids are major problems in certain poverty-stricken neighborhoods. researchers say heterosexuals in those areas are twice as likely to be infected if they are poor. two sides to every story. we'll take a closer look at anew
6:26 am
a new poll. how loss to the oil cap stay on? i will have the debates. >> chances of possibly severe weather3q
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i catake one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> there is a point in time the nothing moves in the morning. it back all the way down. \ >> more traffic headaches for hundreds of thousands of mourning drivers. good morning, washington. welcome back at 6:30 on this monday, july 19. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman.
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now a check on the forecast with adam caskey. >> there are few breaks in the clouds in the metro area. 270 southbound, a total cloud cover. a chance of thunderstorms later on today. you may have been awakened by thunder. >> not last night. this week is going to be like a week in the tropics. >> let's get to it. more showers and thunderstorms are off to the west. they are in romney and cumberland even. the broken line will continue moving east this morning and will most likely fall apart. a few sprinkles in the shenandoah valley. possibly even a round the blue ridge. for the rest of us, an thunderstorms possible this evening. a chance of severe thunderstorms most likely tomorrow. all week we have the chance of maybe a storm or two becoming
6:31 am
strong to severe. hott anas sticca otherwise, mid 90's this week. 97 by friday and saturday. when you factor in the humidity, if you like 100 today. using the vre, 35-minute delays out of fredericksburg on 303 hundred to. metrorail is reporting everything on normal service. in montgomery county, newschopper 7 has reported near macarthur boulevard there is a downed tree. will be a little complicated. the road is blocked for the time being. back to you. >> thank you. thunderstorms we have been talking about that moved through the area last night left thousands of people without power. crews are ready to get the lights back on. pg&e is reporting 6900 outages
6:32 am
in maryland. pepco reporting 2300. dominion is reporting 600 outages in northern virginia. our top story is a traffic alert for drivers headed to the district. a new traffic pattern is in effect along the 14th street bridge as workers continue and long-term construction project. brianne carter is live in arlington with what it means for the 200,000 daily drivers, span. >> and means the center lane is closed for rehab work. we are starting to see a little slowdown as we start to see more volume of drivers headed across the 14th street bridge. you are seeing traffic get by on two lanes to left and one lane to the right. drivers are urged to merge to either side as quickly as possible to try to avoid any of
6:33 am
this madness as you get close to the area where the section is closed. if you are continuing into 395 north, get over to the right lane as quickly and as carefully as possible. if the other option is to avoid this altogether and use an alternate route or another form of transportation. this is phase three of the project. there are eight phases that will take place over the next couple months. we expect the project will last until the fall of 2011. the cruzes say that they will continue to monitor this and try to get the traffic as smoothly and swiftly as possible across the 14th street bridge as motorists get used to the new traffic pattern. the ntsb has new pictures that were taken after a metro crash in november. two six-car trains collided in the west falls church railyards when a moving train hit the back of a parked train. no passengers on board.
6:34 am
three employees sustained minor injuries. we reported on the crash that day but were not allowed access to the railyard. on this monday, looking at the day ahead. bp will begin testing new ways to pay for parking. pay-by-phone meters will be tested on independence avenue in southwest. in foggy bottom on reservoir road in georgetown, and near nationals park. pay-by-space meters will be tested and sent shipwrights. pay-by-plate meters will be tested on you street in northwest. a virginia man went to in and two years ago to learn arabic. yahya wehelie went to yemen. he was placed on a no-fly list, leaving him stuck in egypt. u.s. officials finally removed him from the list. now he's back in west virginia.
6:35 am
there is still no clear solution in the gulf. the oil was capped, but there's disagreement on how to proceed and concerned about a possible methane leak. >> for the fourth day in a row, there's no oil leaking. the pressure is holding steady. the question of what to do next is building. bp likes it the way it is. >> we are hopeful that as the encouraging signs continue, we will be able to continue the integrity tests all the way to the point that we get the oil well killed. there's no target set to open the oil well back up to a slow. >> on sunday thad allen said there is an unidentified leak. the pressure testing that was scheduled to wrap up will
6:36 am
continue in 24-hour increments. a government source said there could be leaking methane. scientists have for about potential leaks and it's one reason the government wants to reopen the cap and siphon oil to the service. >> they should be able to get a good number on what the oil flow is. >> bp has spent $207 million in emergency claims to victims. the university of maryland is launching a new study of chesapeake bay micro organisms. they plan to announce the federal funding for the study today. a congressman says it will help researchers better understand the environment in which the crabs and oysters live. if that with eventually lead to a healthier and more productive fisheries, he says > this afternoon students from the duke ellington school for the arts in d.c. will perform a piece from the musical "hair spray "in the east room.
6:37 am
the ongoing white house music series continues as broadway stars perform music selections for the president and first lady. the performances will then be televised on pbs coming up in october. those students will have quite a thrill. >> no kidding. still ahead , new details about the police beating caught on tape of the university of maryland. plus, how much would you pay for a bottle of champagne from the 18th century? first, another check on
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>> good morning. we inspire kids through arent, media, fashion, and music at a summer camp. good morning, washington. adam caskey live in the gulf belfort furniture weather center. showers and thunderstorms happened the last night. there was a wind gusts of 73 miles an hour measured at bwi marshall. there's a broken - showers right now and like thunderstorms pushing east through with virginia and western maryland. cumberland is seeing rain as well as romney.
6:41 am
it will be moving towards hagerstown and fairfax. it will dissipate as it crosses the appellations and into the shenandoah valley. today's forecast, it is mcghee right now it's 78 degrees at reagan national, 73 in leesburg, at 73 in gaithersburg. if 93 is the high temperature. some peaks of sunshine periodically. if enough to give us a good chance of isolated to scattered showers and storms this afternoon and evening. 6:41 right now. i am still talking about storm damage from what you just referred to. route 7 near the rest and parkway, a lot of signals are valid because of storm damage. --reston parkway. this is a tree that came down goon goldsborough rd close to
6:42 am
massachusetts ave. they are trying to put that up to a vehicle to move that out of the roadway. that road is not clear to be passable for the time being at massachusetts avenue. river road is open. alison and scott. >> thank you. it could be the oldest champagne in the world. divers in the baltic sea found 30 bottles of champagne believed to be from the 17 eighties. it tasted fantastic. -- the 1780's. each bottle could fetch $68,000. >> they said it still had a combination? >> you can and get the tab.
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75 degrees on this monday morning. are d.c. power players out of touch with america? jim joins us with that. did top brass in prince george's county tried to cover- up the beating of a university of maryland student? courtney robinson if live in college park with the latest on the investigation. [ female announcer ] why is travel these days about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs, and your wingspan. food when you're hungry. and taking off your shoes, only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back, on acela. [ male announcer ] amtrak guest rewards members earn up to 9,000 bonus points this summer.
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details at 17 billion dollar investment, and what do you see? at at&t, we see the dreams and ambitions of everyday americans coming true. we see an economic recovery taking root as businesses grow and prosper and add jobs, thanks to the amazing power of an open internet that works. america needs an internet that is always getting faster, safer, and more secure. at at&t, our investment last
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year of more than 17 billion dollars in the wireless and wired networks of tomorrow is what's fueling innovation today and creating jobs and opportunities now. we invest because we know the internet works. it's working for our children, our families, our economy and our future. and if there were ever a time to stick with what works, now is it. the future has always been our business. and the future begins now. crews have started the third phase of the 14th street bridge rehab project. the center lane is closed off. drivers headed from 14th street
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will need to get into the two left lanes. continuing on to 395 and d.c. will need to stay to the right. some drivers may want to find alternative routes. a dispute is brewing. bp watts-duntwants the oil welly close, but the government wants it open so that the oil can be siphoned to a ships on the surface. officials believe it could be leaking. top-secret intelligence has grown so much that no one knows how much it is costing or how many people are involved. top-secret america hidden from public view and largely lacking in oversight. rod blagojevich is expected to testify in his collection trial this week. he's charged with trying to sell or trade president obama's former senate seat. he says he's done nothing wrong, but prosecutors say evidence
6:47 am
they have presented so far shows that he is guilty. 6:46 on this monday, the probe into allegations of police brutality have taken a twist. the washington post reports the investigation is focused on messages between top commanders on the scene that night in march. courtney robinson is live at college park with more details. good morning. >> they are looking through e- mails, cell phone, and text messages sent by supervisors try to determine if they gave orders leading up to the beating or specifically tried to cover up what happened on march 3 when maryland defeated duke university. on knox road a student was beaten by a police officer. we have video of this event if provided to us exclusively. you saw it first on abc 7. a maryland student, 21-year-old john mckenna, was seen skipping
6:48 am
down the street, then he was approached by a mounted police officer, then he was slammed into a wall and began with a police baton. he suffered a concussion and other injuries. his attorney says it is a clear case of police brutality. four prince george's county mounted police remained on paid leave. there were other officers out here to maintain control. investigators are looking into these messages. if the state's attorney's office is heading up the investigation in conjunction with prince george's county police department's internal affairs bureau. no comment at this point from the state's attorney's office. reporting from college park, courtney robinson. >> thank you. 6:48. we are learning about the disconnect between power players inside the beltway and the rest of america. >> a new poll demonstrates how differently the two groups see the current status of the
6:49 am
country. jim ancestor break down the numbers with what they mean. thanks for being here. is this divide significant enough that it skews the way the world is looking at what is happening? >> itunes 0. people think we are out of touch. we look at a national sample of a poll that we did. the d.c. league were described as people making more than most americans and are involved in policy and politics. half the people in washington view of the country and if the economy are headed in the right direction. nationally, only 25%. people in d.c. think things are good. it manifests itself in the view of policy and the view of what is happening in washington. most neighborhoods showed that the housing market is coming back, hotels are doing ok. is expansion of government under barack obama. many jobs for years to come are guaranteed. it is a different reality in
6:50 am
washington. i think it will affect our politics. there's a divide between washington and the rest of the country that will only grow. >> people can see that pull on your web site. something interesting is the different views of political figures, liked president obama and sarah palin. >> 86% of people in d.c. that we polled had an unfavorable view of sarah palin. only a third of people nationally had an unfavorable view. the same for the tea party movement. 70% of people in washington's view of the tea party movement is a fad that will go away quickly. a small percentage of people nationally still that way. that amplifies the big divide between the people living here and the people living on the country. if you look at what is happening in politics, one of the defining characteristics is that these establishments -- the
6:51 am
establishment is losing power. people are able to get political traction by going against washington because the poll shows washington is out of touch. >> thank you. let's turn to adam caskey with a last check of weather and traffic. >> we have limited sunshine in the east of the metro area. leftover clouds and thunderstorms. some thunderstorms are off to the west. there are few breaks in the clouds over the bay. impressive rainfall totals from yesterday. 1.36 inches in herndon. that was the highest accumulation. glen burnie, over an inch. three-quarters in potomac. half an inch in silver spring. there's a broken line of thunderstorms and showers stretching from cumberland and parts of pennsylvania northward and down to west virginia. that will continue pushing east
6:52 am
and i anticipate it will begin to break up as it moves into the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge area. it goes to show we have an unsettled atmosphere. that will be the case throughout the entire week. let's go to the almanac data. 95 with a high temperature yesterday. a trace of rain at reagan national. the average high temperature is 89. today, limited sunshine, isolated to scattered late-day showers and thunderstorms, upper level disturbances, unsettled weather, sticky air gives us a chance of late day storms. that is all week. we cannot allow it isolated and severe thunderstorms as well, especially tomorrow afternoon and evening. if 97 by friday and saturday. it gets hotter later this week. we are curious to find out progress of a tree that fell on goldsboro at massachusetts ave. a little while ago there was a
6:53 am
rope of up to the front end of a truck to drag it out of the way. it is hard to tell. a portion remains closed. possibly a bit unsuccessful in trying to move that tree. we will keep an eye on this and more when we come
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a quick last look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> lisa baden, did they get the tree off the road yet? >> no, they will have to call an expert. that's a big tree down near massachusetts avenue on goldsboro. 395 north of the 14th street bridge, two lanes to left and one lane to get by to the right. high temperatures in the mid 90's most of the week. late-day showers and then destroys every day. isolated to scattered in nature. some of those could become severe. an active week for the afternoon and evening hours. hot and sticky, feels like 100 this afternoon.
6:57 am
>> that does it. we will have more news at 7:22. >> when i use expedia, my friends at work think there's more than one "me." ...because on our trips, i always get there faster. see, expedia lets me mix and match airlines.
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